Socks or Slime?! Lisa Vs Sky Host by Casey

Today our gameshow is hoste by Casey and she is hosting socks or slime with Lisa and Sky.

The girls are wearing funky socks with shorts and short sleeve tops.

The girls wrestle to get each others socks off, once one gets the others sock off they reset and battle for the second time. The looser takes a seat in the gunge tank and gets gunged. Next the winner can accept their victory or play and extra game, where they sit down and on the table are 7 envelopes, 4 say loose and 3 are blank, the winner chooses 3 envelopes one by one, if they get a loose they loose a sock, then if they choose loose again they loose the other sock, if they get a third loose they go in the gunge tank. If they manage to get through with a sock still on the host Casey goes in the tank.