Sky's Movie Audition Stripped Down by Cassie

Today Sky is the movie star and Cassie is her assistant. Sky is wearing a black smart dress and Cassie is wearing a Red shirt with grey skirt with heels. Sky bosses Cassie about, Cassie follows her notes and whips off Skys dress, Cassie makes fun of Skys panties! The girls follow a script where Sky must show how she handles pies! Cassie pies Sky to he face multiple times where after being pied sky spits out the pies! Sky has enough of being pied and thinks Cassie should get pied to keep her job! Sky pies Cassie and Cassie does the same and spits out the pie!  Cassie finally makes fun of Skys panties and pies her panties on her bum and rubs it in and spanks her! Sky hopes she'll get the part in the film!  The girls get washed off!