Sky Wet Jeans, Socks, Bare Feet in Bath

Sky starts off stood face on, the camera pans down to her socks, she turns around and the camera pans back up. Sky sits on the bath and shows off her cute white socks, before heading around to the other side of the bath sticking her hands in and playing in the water. Sky slowly gets into the bath dipping her socks in showing off how wet they are. Sky gets into the bath and sits and splashes water onto her top making it go see-through showing her bra. She then lies down, rolls around and lots of showing camera top and bottom of her socks. Half way through Sky removes her socks and drops them outside the bath... then she is bare foot, lots more showing off her feet, rolling around etc. At the end she puts her socks back on and shows them off to the camera outside the bath. Then sky gets back in and washes her hair and the socks and gets interviewed in the bath briefly.