Royal Gunge DunkTank Gameshow EP 5

This is the winners Episode of 'The MostWam Monarchs Royal Gunge Dunk Gameshow' and features the winner of the series, 5 shaving foam pies and a potential winning of 250 pounds in cash! Up until this episode the other girls who played in the series are not sure how they scored compared to each other, we introduce the episode by showing the other girls reactions on whether they won or lost. Then introduce the winner and talk through their outfit.

The winner is asked multiple choice questions, if she gets one right she winns 50 pounds cash and gets to shaving foam pie me the host, if she gets it wrong she gets shaving foam pied.

1-10 minutes series score reactions

10-17 minutes talk to winner and game rules

17-25 questions and shaving foam pies

25-29 roll around in foam if necessary and pie host if necessary 29-32 minutes wash off.