Rhian & Amber Gunge Food Mess Games

Today we have Rhian and Amber, Rhian is wearing a grey dress with no tights and black heels and Amber is wearing a blue denim look dress with some nude heels and no tights also.

We have a gunge tank full of green gunge and we have the kaplunk game out also. The girls start with rock paper scissors to decide who goes first, they play kaplunk...

There is a tricky trick of course... and a twist with a side game... One of the girls plays a game where they have to find as many stars hidden in the changing room.

We come back to the set where i make two custard and squirty cream pies, they go in the looser from the first games face! The looser then gets gunged.

The girls think its the end of the shoot but i come back with a trolly full of messy substances. A custard and Squirty cream pie, Custard, Spaghetti, Beans, Gunge, Rice pudding, Mushroom soup.