Rhian Vs Emily Gunge Tank Messy Twist and Charlotte

Today we have Rhian and Emily both wearing cute dresses with no tights but with heels. Round 1- play a series of games to earn points within a 5-minute time limit. The girls have to move yellow and orange m&ms from one pie tin to another, losing points if they move any wrong coloured m&ms.

Water pong- The girls must bounce or throw ping pong balls and try to get them into the cups filled with water in the middle of the table. Marshmallow tower- Build a tower as high and as good as possible with marshmallows with spaghetti sticks also. The winner gets to choose whether to play the next game or not if not then she goes into the gunge tank to take a seat. Round 2 The other player will go and try to find gold stars that are placed around the set. They have 2 minutes to find all the stars if they do not find all of them then they loose this round. The winner gets to choose whether the script gets changed and who ever was to get the gunge tank gets flipped and get the jugs of food or keep it the same. What will happen? Will they both get mess or only one? Or will the host get some mess? Who knows!

We have me-pie-me pies, jugs of spaghetti hoops, mushroom soup, rice pudding, beans, gunge, milkshake, Custard, Slime.