Rhian Messed, Stripped and Gunged Brexit Spokeswomen

I introduce the shoot as mostwam likes to tackle some of the political issues that face our community. This shoot is all about how Brexit may affect our shoots. We have a government spokeswoman in today Rhian to let us know what to expect. Rhian thinks there is another model but importunely she hasn't show up so Rhian may have to take her place. We talk through which substances we will still be able to get hold of after Brexit. Spaghetti hoops, Pies, Custard, Rice Pudding, Toffee Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, Semolina. I ask Rhian what we can do to convince WAM fans that Brexit is the way forward and Rhian Strips off down to her underwear. Then I gunge her in the gunge tank with EU Blue gunge! She comes out of the tank and the shoot ends and she rolls around in the gunge on the floor then is washed off!