Rhian and Casey Sweet Food Covering plus Gunge

Today we have Rhian and Casey. Rhian is wearing a black dress with red tights with net tights over the top, Casey is wearing a purple top with white ripped jeans with netted tights underneath. Both girls are Braless and wearing heels. I talk to the girls and invite Rhian into the bath where Casey and I pour toffee sauce, custard, chocolate sauce all over her once covered she rubs it in.

Next we have Casey stand and I pour chocolate syrup down her jeans while she rubs it around and then I pour it all over her head, then we pour custard and chocolate sauce over her. Then Casey gets into the bath where we pour more chocolate syrup onto her, then rolls around and gets fully covered in the sauces. Both the girls get in the bath together where I pour more custard and cream over them then they sit back and I pour silver and metallic red gunge all over them, the girls then pour the gunge and sauces from the bath all over themselves.