Rachels Wet Tights in Pool Strip Tease and Rip

Rachel is out near the pool in lush hot weather in her slim white button up shirt with short slim skirt with fresh new black tights and pointy high heels. She walks up the stairs and round the pool with the camera catching her slim tall legs with her skirt barely hiding her cute bum, she stops and takes a look out to the view as the camera pans up her slinky legs. Rachel turns around to face the camera and then back around again and bends over slightly. Next she takes a seat on the edge of the pool dipping her heels into the water and tipping it onto her hot tights. She then takes off her heels and dips her legs further into the water moving them back and forth before resting them on the edge of the pool and rubbing her toes and soles onto each other leg.

Rachel then sits back around, dips her legs into the water before lowering herself into the pool and raising herself back up again showing her wet hair, shirt and skirt. A little swim before sitting back on the edge dipping her feet in and out before turning around bending over showing her cute bum in tights as she lowers herself back into the water. She swims around before getting out sitting on the edge before crawling along the pools edge so we get a nice view of her wet outfit and tights. After she gets back in the pool and swims around getting in and out, Strips off her skirt, swims around, crawls beside the pool again, lays on her back on the pools edge splashing water onto her tights, rolls over onto her front showing her cute bum, gets back in comes over to the camera and unbuttons her shirt, swims around in it unbuttoned, strips off her shirt keeping her underwear and tights on, she dips her self in and out, walks around the pool and looks out the view while the camera looks at her wet tights... before noticing her tights are laddered she sits on the edge and rips them off and then finally goes for a swim in her lace underwear showing off her cute bum and feet.