Rachel's First Gunge Bath [Braless] Pink Gunge

Rachel does her first gunge bath. She is wearing a long sleeve black top with NO bra, red jeans and some funky socks. Rachel dips her feet with socks into the buckets of gunge Yellow and Silver.

She shows them off then puts her shoes back on, walks over to the bath and dips her feet in. She slowly gets in dipping her legs in then showing them off then goes down further into the gunge more and more.

Rachel goes down to her neck before i step in to help and pour gunge on her head! Rachel plays abou. stands up showing off gunge, then back in rolling around, standing up and scraping off.

We move over the tray where she takes off her shoes. She takes a position and poses where i pour yellow and black gunge all over her. She rolls around and plays before standing up scraping it all off then gets washed off.