Mini Gunge Tank Games Amber Amy Casey

Today we have Casey, Amy and Amber. We have lots of mini games including bowling, hoopla, limbo. The girls get their names picked out of a cup and they are paired up into which pair will go first. The points they earn as a pair are added to each girl's tally. Then the pairs swap and the play again. The scores are totalled up and the looser goes and sits in the gunge tank. The two remaining girls are seated in front of the tank to play another game. They each have two pieces of paper each one says gunge and the other says save. They choose and reveal the piece of paper. Whichever card they reveal will happen to their opponent. If one chooses to save and one chooses gunge the one who choses saves goes in the tank with the looser. If they both choose the save piece of paper, they both get saved but then there is a mystery envelope.