Michelle Gets Syrup in Her Jeans and All Over!

Michelle has come back for another Manta treatment. This time she is wearing a soft floaty top with NO bra and some light pinkish jeans with suspenders underneath and some big black boots. Under hear jeans also she has tights on with socks on top. I step in and attempt to pour syrup down her jeans to make them go see-through, It doesnt really work but we work the syrup down her jeans, then get her to step into the bath and just pour all the syrup all over her which gives wonderful shiny sticky look. She gets her legs covered first then her arms then her chest then head and face! She doesnt a great job and is true model! Once fully covered in the golden syrup i cover her in chocolate sauce she becomes a true sticky concoction. I get Michelle to step out of the back and i fill her big boots with blue and yellow gunge. She puts them on and zips them up, next she steps back into the bath and i pour the yellow and blue gunge all over her including her face. Michelle rolls around in the mess and mixes it all up, pouring some on her head before getting out and washing it all off with lots of shampoo.