Mia Oil Soaking Gunge Bath Sweater and Jeans

Mia is wearing a cute green sweater with NO bra underneath, she wears the sweater with some tight skinny jeans with stripey red and white socks with converse style trainers. She soaks her bare socks into a bucket of oil, then gets oil poured down her jeans, then rolls around in the oil on the floor and gets the oil poured on her until she is fully covered. Then Mia puts on her trainers and dips them into a red and green bucket of gunge. Which looks very colourful. Next she proceeds to the gunge bath which is filled with a mix of the red and green, she slides in and gets her face covered. The assistant pours green and red gunge all over her body and face making a pretty piece of art. She continues and gets covered and move and rolls around in the bath until all the gunge turns brown, at the end Mia gets washed of and lovely and clean again.