Mia Cheats on Casey Food and Surprise Gunging

Mia comes in for a custom, she sits down and talks to me and complains that she's been getting to messy recently so tries to bribe me into get only Casey messy! The games how starts as normal, Casey has no idea what she's in for! They start the game and both put on their blind folds. Then Mia takes hers off and I hint her the answer. She guesses the answers with no suspicion from Casey at first! I hold up numbers on paper, the girls must guess the exact number using numbers between 1 and 300! They take turn on guesses until someone guesses the correct number, making the other the loser of that round. The winner chooses and item from the trolley to add to the losers table The mess includes: Rice Pudding, Beans, Chocolate Sauce, Pies, Toffee Sauce, Custard, Ketchup.

The girl plays all the way through and Mia stays dry! Casey makes me feel bad and give in and admit Mia bribed me! Casey has had enough and covers Mia in the remaining mess! We all have an argument and Casey pushes me into the gunge tank and Mia pulls the chain! I'm not happy!