Mia Bobbi Amber Mini Gunge Food Games Twist

Today we have Mia, Amber, Bobbi. The first game is musical chairs the seat in the middle has an extra 10 points on it. The next game we have a world map, the girls have to place sticky dots onto the map of where they think the called out country is! The correct answer gets 10 points and if neither get it then the closest gets 5 points. The looser joins the looser of game one into the gunge tank... they get two me-pie-me pies and then get gunged! The whole thing gets twisted once again... and the winners and losers get a mix of savoury mess poured all over them including: Beans jug, Spaghetti jug, Soups jugs, Custard Jugs, Rice pudding jug, Mushroom soup bowl, and more me-pie-me pies.