Messy Welly Feet Game Cassie and Sky

Today we have two giggly girls who are blindfolded, We have Sky and Cassie, bother t-shirts and shorts with no shoes. The girls have clear welly boots in front of them and there are 12 foods the girls need to remember throughout all rounds. Round 1 there are cans with the letters A through to L on. The girls choose a letter one by one and 4 letters each. I place the foods next the girls boots. once all chosen i pour the substances into there boots two cans in each welly. The girls have to guess what substance has been put in there wellies! if they get they get more 3 or more correct they get to take there boots off and wash there feet for the next round.

Round 2
The girls have there t-shirts taped up at the bottom. The cans of food for this round are labeled 1-24...The girls right down a list of the 5 foods on there piece of paper. Then the girls take in turns to choose a number between 1-24. The girls try to tick of the foods on there list to earn points. if the chosen item isn't on there list it goes into there t-shirt. Round 3 Includes 3 bowls. one of gunge, one of a mix of substances and one of the remaining from the other rounds. The winner has to choose certain bowls based on how well they done to go on the looser.If they choose the wrong the bowl they potentially get the bowl of substance on them!

A complicated game but a fun one!