Mess Pong with Alice and Casey

Today we have a fun game of Messy Pong! With Alice and Casey, The girls have 10 cups on each end of the table filled with various substances, they take in turns to throw a ping pong ball into each others cups if they get the ball in a cup, the girl who's cups it is has to pour the substance onto themselves. The cups contain, Beans, Yellow gunge, orange juice, Spaghetti hoops... The game has a 10 minute time limit

The winner of this first round gets to go in the gunge tank with yellow gunge. The winner then pours the remaining cups from the mess pong game on the looser Then they choose the jugs of food behind on the trolley to go on the looser. The twist is that how ever main remaining cups the winner didn't get they then get that amount of jugs poured on them!