Megans Oil Soaking and Gunge Bath

Cute Megan is wearing a peachy pink red dress with some white tights and black heels, She wonders over to the oil tray, dips her heels in and gets them covered in oil. Megan puts her heels back on and stands up and shows them off. I come in and get her to stand in the oil tray, get her to put her hands above her head and chain her up. I pout oil down her sleeves which seeps down her dress, next i pour oil on her tights, then i pour oil on her head. ive had my fun, and i get Megan to lie down in the tray and roll around, then i pour oil over her to make sure there are no dry spots. Megan pours oil on herself lastly, before heading to the gunge bath where she fills her heels with gunge, and puts them on her feet.She then dips her arms in and gets them covered in the yellow gunge, next her legs, she gets in gently and slowly goes down getting her legs covered up to her thighs. After that she gets in fully up to her head for a moment before going under and submerging herself. She stands up letting the camera see the gunge drip off her and then goes back in the bath for another submersion then standing up again. Megan plays in the bath before getting out scraping the gunge off then i pour blue and black gunge on her arms then on her head and body. She shows off and then scrapes of the gunge before washing off.