Jess Bikini on Monarchs Summer Messy Gameshow

Jess joins us wearing a robe covering her surprise bikini underneath, today she is doing the Mostwam Monarchs Summer Gameshow. She must first match her bikini to the colour of the gunge tank to earn points, she has no idea of the gunge colour before arriving. She reveals hers bikini and if it matches she earns points. Along the way in the game show she must earn points which equal lifelines in the end game. There is a chance of Jess winning a bonus 50 english pounds... woo!

There is a gunge tank full of gunge,

bowls of water which jess must guess how many are going to go over her head, surprise honey pies which she must guess how many she is going to get in her face. This is to see whether she will have her hands tied while in the gunge tank if she is going to get gunged. Jess must also talk for 45 seconds about the beach and match with the Monarch keywords to win the challenge. If she doesn't get all the keywords then she immediately gets gunged! After the gunge tank Jess must answer the question with multiple answers 1 by 1 each wrong answer jess gets pied with first squirty cream pies and gets to use any lifelines for other wrong answers potentially saving her from the main losing prize of: 3 Mostwam pies, 12 shaving foam pies, 3 milkshakes, milk, 2 toffee sauces, bowl of beans.