Jem and Lucy Easter Gtg Numerically Challenged

We play Gunge Tank Girls Numerically Challenged and today we have the sexy bunny Lucy wearing a sexy playboy bunny bodysuit outfit with fishnets, bunny ears, and heels! Along with her we have the super cute Jem wearing a cute bunny onesie with woll bunny socks!

Lisa asks the two girls one at a time questions, where they have to choose the answer off the wall, they keep guessing until they get the right answer. or they can skip. The goal is to get 6 questions right in the fastest time. Meanwhile the opponent is shooting the gunge gun filled with yellow gunge at the player. Once one girl has got her 6 questions right then the girls swap, and that second girl has her chance to get 6 questions right in the fastest time. The looser goes in the gunge tank full of pink gunge! Then the girl sits in the floor of the tank and gets splattered with the gunge then they both get washed off!