Jade and Casey Messy Wellie Feet Guess Game

Firstly we talk about our feet, what we are wearing, getting our feet messy and that we have painted our nails taking off our heels, Then we get into the game, the girls sit down and get blindfolded, There are lots of feet shots and face reaction shots. The girls wiggle their feet in anticipation. They get there feet either put into wellies, a bowl of mess or mess poured onto their feet. They wiggle there feet around and try and get the mess, after they get there feet our they show off their messy feet wiggling them around showing soles and toes etc, between each round feet get cleaned.

There are 3 rounds. The loser overall gets jugs of gunge and custard poured onto them. Then they get down on the floor and get fully covered, then all of us step into the mess with our bare feet and get them covered before wash off at the end.