Gunge Tank Girls Stripped Lucy Vs Emily

On this episode of Gunge Tank Girls Stripped we have Lucy and Emily wearing jeans with socks, trainers and basic black tops.

We have a map on the wall where girls have to stick their coloured stickers closest to the country given. The girl who is furthest away loses and goes and sits in the gunge tank. Where i ask them a series of questions. The questions answers all start with a certain letter, The player must not answer with the obvious answer. They have 1 minute to get 5 correct or they must take off an item of clothing. After that they come out of the tank and it's back to the map game, they continue until one girl is at her limit and she gets gunged!

The girls are wearing 4 items they can strip off:

Top, Jeans, Trainers and socks.

After the gunging they roll around on the floor and get totally covered in the gunge, then washed off!