Georgina Fills My Tights While Chained Up!

Georgina calls me in and asks me to test out the chained handcuffs for another shoot. lies! Georina really wants to get her own back. She moans about another shoot, and wants to get her own back. Starting with some water she splashes all over me. then whips off MY skirt! Tickles me and splashes me with more water. Next she splats lots of pies to my bare tight covered bum as well as spanking it and rubbing it in. She spins me around and splats a pie to my face. This is what i have to put up with. Georgina tickles my feet and me all over then starts filling my tights.

She uses rice pudding, Jelly, Chocolate gautaux, Toffee Sauce, Yogurt, Condensed Milk, Golden Syrup, Custard, Chocolate Sauce, Pies, Ice cream sauce

I start to enjoy it really and Georgina lets me out of the handcuffs to roll around on the floor in the mess pile. Before getting washed off.