Fine Dining Lisa and Charlotte Messy with Food

Lisa and i bump into each other at a fine dining gathering. We're both dressed up glamourous in a wonderful slim black cocktail dress, and i in a bright red cocktail dress. We notice some wonderfull desserts on the table and decide to give them all a taste. Things get a bit messy when i spill a spoon of strawberry ice cream on Lisa's dress. She gets me back and things get worse!

I slap some chocolate sauce on lisa face and we go back an forth getting each other covered slowly. We crush some fruit on the floor, and roll in all the mess to! We wash off in the bath together in the end. Messy includes: Ice cream, Chocolate Mouse, Jelly, Yogurt, Custard, Sugar, Bananas, Raspberries, Grapes, Apple Sauce, Chocolate Powder, Chocolate Sauce.