Corrine's Oil Therapy and Bronze Gunge Bath

Corrine has turned up for some oil therapy in her cute red dress [braless] with winter tights and boots, she takes a seat on the sofa and waits for me. I arrive and have a chat about her getting oily in her clothes.

I get her to lie down on her back on the sofa, where i pour oil all over her body starting from her feet working upwards all over her body. Corrine is covered from head to toe, I ask her to stand up and she shows off her outfit. I get Corrine to sit in the oil tray where i pour even more oil all over her. Then i get her to roll around in the oil, then get her to stand up and show off her oilly clothes.

The next part of the treatment is the Bronze Gunge Bath... Where Corrine dips her head into the gunge bath, the dipping her hands into the bat. Next Corrine dips her feet into the bath... making her boots bronz. then she takes her boots of. Corrine gradually gets into the golden bath getting her self covered in the bronze gunge. She submerges her face from time to time leaving the gunge on her face for a few seconds before wiping it off. She stands up letting the gunge drip off and showing off her gungey body!

I get Corrine to get out and hold a pose on the floor where i pour different coloured gunge all over her... making a work of art. in the end she gets washed off and feels refreshed after her oily gunge therapy!