Chloe&Amber Marshmallow Fluff Pies + Syrup

Welcome to Goopermarket Sweep, Today we are joined by Chloe and Amber, Amber is wearing a grean faux leather dress with heels and some big earings, Chloe is wearing a very tight dress.

We head towards the shop when chloe struggles with her tight dress, Chloe tries a catwalk-walk to help her but she gives in and forfeits the round.

We are back in the studio where Chloe has changed outfit into another dress but this time its very short, tight, small dres. She might of over compensated on a short dress!

The girls pose a little in there outfits.Because Chloe Forfeited Amber took her time and ordered lots of food from online! Amber bought Marshallow Fluff Pies with Cracker Pie Bases and 5 Big Cartons of Golden Syrup and 4 Jugs of Black Treacle!

Amber wants to saturates Chloes hair with the golden Syrup, she seperates Chloes hair, and i help with pouring and spreading the golden syrup all over her hair. We keep going and use all the golden syrup on Chloes hair.

Then get Chloe to lie in the bath where we pie her with the fluff Pies on the top of her head and on her face the onto either side of her head. She leaves the pies on her face until the end. She talks about how it feels.

I pour some black treacle over her head. Then we pie her some more and pour some golden syrup on her head, next more pies then more black treacle.

What a mess! Chloe stays in the bath as she stuck to it and cant see a thing! We help her out off camera and sit her down before washing her off!