Charlotte Custard Porridge Gunge Feet Play

Im wearing a pretty black slim dress with some black tights on with no heels. We have some bowls of poridge and custard, i put my feet in the custard and show them off to the camera putting them in and out again. Next i put my feet into the bowls of porridge putting them in and out showing them off to the camera. Next i put my face into the bowls of custard then the bowls of porridge and rub some onto my face. I kneel up and pour the porridge over me and my feet, then stand up and pour the custard over my head i roll around in the mess on the floor making sure i'm fully covered before entering the gunge tank, i sit down and pull the chain releasing the bright green gunge all over me I sit down in the gunge and cover myself in it showing off my gungy feet, and rolling around in the gunge.