Cassie's Multi GungingPies? As Xmen Cosplay

Today we have Cassie wearing a Cosplay outfit of Rogue from Xmen, The first game Cassie has to guess the 4 digit password.

At the start of the game she only has 10 seconds to guess the code before this she gets asked questions to see if she can win more tiem to guess the code.

There are 5 questions and total of 50 seconds to be won. Questions Cassie gets wrong she gets a pie at the end of the round. So Cassie Answers the questions and if she guesses the code wrong she gets a gunging.

The next round she has to guess a 6 digit code, Cassie has 60 seconds to guess the code and only one guess, depending on how many correct digit she gets in the right order depends how many gunging and pies Cassie get. and also

Also if she gets all 6 correct Me the host gets all the mess, and if she gets 5 or less correct Me the host gets a lesser amount of the mes. and so on and so on.

There are 4 gungings [Orange+Pink,red,brown,black], Pies, and a few gunge buckets. Find out how messy Cassie and I Get!