Cassie Chocolate Sauce Covering and Gunge Bath

Cassie is wearing a wonderful blue blouse without a bra with some long denin shorts on with some white tights on with black heels, She takes a step into the black tray and sits down.

Cassie sits down and i pour some chocolate syrup over her white tights, She rubs it in to cover her legs all over. Next i pour it all over her head and chest, Cassie then rolls over and i put it all over her back and back of legs.

Once fully covered Cassie steps over and into the bath where i pour the funky pink gunge into the bath filling it up, while its filling cassie rolls around in the bath until its full up. Once its full up

Cassie sumberges in the gunge and moves around and plays in i. standing up from time to time showing the gunge dripping off. She steps out of the bath and heads over the tray where we wash it all off making her clean once again!