Casey's Chocolate Hair Saturation

It's the Beautiful Casey wearing a sexy tight red dress, shes got her hair looking lovely. It starts with Casey brushing and showing off her long hair, She puts it up? Then she platts it? then puts it down. Next Casey pours the Chocolate sauce into the pool being careful not to let her hair drop into it. Then Casey sits on the chair and removes her shiny heels, steps around and into the pool of sauce, then kneels and adjusts her hair once again. Casey grabs a jug and pours chocolate all over her front, then she attempts some press-ups and tries not to get her hair in the sauce. From now on she covers her hair slowly in the chocolate sauce little by little until fully saturated. Next Casey lies down and covers herself and her hair in the sauce, moving it around making sure its covered. In the end she gets washed off and is clean again!