Custom Gtg with Casey, Amber and Charlotte

Today we have Casey and Amber, Casey is wearing a red top with black leggings and white trainers, Amber is wearing a cute black dress with silver trainers. The girls play jenga the winner decides who get to be either a bluffer or chooser. They are gives some piecs of paper with the fate of the looser and host on. They put the pieces of paper on into number envelopes.

The looser has to choose an envelope, and the bluffer gets to taught and change the loosers mind on which envelope to choose.

There is a chance that either Casey and Amber go in the tank, Amber and Charlotte go in the tank, Casey and Charlotte go in the tank, Casey on her own in the tank and Amber on her own in the tank.

Who will win jenga? Who will be the bluffer and chooser? Who will end up in the tank?