Casey and Georgina Battle Who Is the Best?!

Caseys first custom shoot, i explaing before the shoots starts how to work with food and substances, The shoot starts and Casey stars to work with the mes. before not long Georgina interupts and tells the girls that shes the only one who does customs for this customer...

The girls have a little argumen. and i suggest Georgina to let Casey cover herself then show her how its really done after. Georgina mocks Casey on how she should do it better. Casey gets covered and then its Georginas turn, She gets covered with help from Casey and i.

At the end the girls ask who done it better?!

Substances include, Baked Beans, Black Treacle, Tomato Soup, Rice Pudding, Flour, Semolina, Golden Syrup, Toffee Sauce, Squirty Cream, Custard, Spaghetti Hoops, Gunge