Bobby's Tied Oiling + Bronze Gunge Bath

Today we have the wonderful Bobby, She is wearing a cute outfit with a floaty rusty coloured top [braless], with a denim skirt with cute white tights and socks with heels.

We have some oil and gunge for bobby... I chain Bobbys hands up in the air and pour oil all over her head... I get Bobby to sit down in the tray where she takes her shoes off.

She shoes off her feet covered in oil, then i get her to roll around in the oil in the tray, where i also pour some oil on her. I get her to stand up and show off her outfit.

Bobby stands one end of the gunge bath and sits back putting her bum into the gunge first, while she is sat back she puts her head under the gunge, then stands up showing off her gungy outfit.

Bobby goes back in the bath and lies down then submerges under the gunge leaving the gunge on her face for a few seconds before whiping it off.

Bobby rolls around and plays in the gunge, getting out and showing off her outfit before diving back into the bath.

I get Bobby to get out and lie down on the sofa where i pour different coloured gunge all over her bronze body.

At the end we wash her off all clean again!