Amber and Lucy Taste Test and Gunge Bath (Braless)

Amber is wearing a turquoise top; no bra, a black cardigan over her shoulders, black distressed skinny jeans, purple tights with some black dolly shoes. Lucy is wearing; a choker, a maroon top with no bra, a turquoise faux leather skirt, blue tights, stockings and some heels.

The girls get a little taste test getting some chocolate syrup, toffee sauce and custard poured into their mouths but I 'accidentally' pour it all over them. Then Amber also gets some down her jeans. Things get a little messy and sticky!

Next they head into the copper gunge bath where they get fully covered in the gunge before I pour some wonderful colours of gunge all over their heads. They then get our and I pour more of the coloured gunge all over them!