Amber and Georgina's Trick or Treat Halloween Games

Amber (a sexy devil with tights an heels) visits Georgina(a cute witch with thigh high tights with suspenders) for Halloween she does the classic trick or treat. Though Georgina doesn't have any treats left so she has to trick Amber with a big creamy pie!

georgina invites Amber in to play some games, She shows her some Pumpkin pies and splats them in her face! They play some apple bobbing with apples in bowls of gunge! Georgina goes first and shows Amber how its done! Amber tries and isn't doing very well. She eventually gets an apple!

Next they play a trick or treat game, choosing a card on the table which equals a trick or treat. Tricks and treats are Condensed milk, Toffee Sauce, Rice Pudding, Raspberry Sauce, Squirty Cream, Ice cream, Custard, Golden Syrup, Semolina, Spaghetti, Beans, Vegetable soup, Flour, Passata After they figure out the winner and looser they pour the gunge bowls on each other! In the end both girls get very messy and colorful. They get washed off and revived back to their original state.