Amber and Emily Bare Leg Gunge Savoury Quiz

Today we have Amber and Emily playing a quiz, they're wearing white crop tops with black skirts, no tights and amber is wearing heels and Emily is bare foot. Every few questions there is a fofeit for the looser in the form of a bucket of water. The looser gets to pick whether they go into the gungetank or swap for the mystery trolley. They get a mystery envelope with a surprise questions they get to answer if they get it right the winner will get the gungetank and the trolly full of mess!

The trolley includes; Passatta sauce, mushy peas, beans, ketchup, flour, mash potato, spaghetti hoops and eggs.

But then there is a twist?! a bowl of gunge, a few pies and some soups... but where will it go?

Wash off at the end.