Jess's Oily Jeans and Gunge Bath

Jess is in wearing a pink long sleeve top with sports bra underneath with maroon coloured ripped jeans with Nylon socks and some sandals. I pour oil down the front and back Jess's jeans then she takes a pose in the tray on the floor and i pour more oil all over her front and back.

Next Jess gets in the bath where i pour gunge over her head then body, she takes different poses while pour gunge on her, then she rolls around submerging into the gunge and playing about before washing off at the end.

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Rachel Sleeps Gets Gunged and Then Strips

Rachel is wearing a long sleeved grey top with no bra underneath along with some lose thing pinkish trousers with sandals and underneath is wearing some suspender tights over black pants… Though Rachel comes in and sees no one is about she lays down in the bath for a sleep but AL and I sneak in and see shes sleeping we decide to fill the bath with gunge and surprise her. The bath gets filled with black gunge then Rachel wakes up and is shocked shortly she gets used to the feeling and plays about in the gunge bath and submerges her head right under the gunge rolling around, and showing off her gungey sandals… After Rachel gets out and lays down in our black tray where I pour blue gunge all over her then she removes her trousers showing off her fishnet suspender tights… Then I pour more coloured gunge onto her before she gets back in the black bath … then scrapes off then gets washed off.

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Charley Casey Argue Then Mud Wrestle

Casey thinks shes the best and Charley has been chosen for this custom also, she tries her out and gets her to do some stretching and then shows off some mud wrestling skills. They have a little break where they brush their hair individually while they talk to camera and bitch about each other. They then mud wrestle getting each other messier and messier then getting their hair messy here and there and then they both get washed off at the end!

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